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NORCAL training starts Tuesday. No, I’m not really doing much. I have a minimal base. I’m eating what I want, staying up late, relaxing in the spa, visiting Harley Guy and trying to navigate a now-not-new relationship. I’m applying for jobs, waiting once again for my house to foreclose…preparing for the breadlines, with no insurance, job, home…trying to steady my boys for an apartment, for leaving our dogs…and not getting resentful in the process…working on sobriety, praying, going to 4 baseball games or practices a week, making homemade pancakes and stronger coffee.

But I’m not really running.

Because the Hanson plan, if you remember from the 2011 LAMarathon, is all encompassing. 8 milers, three days a week. Longish runs but more regular tempo runs. Six days of running.

For the next eighteen weeks.

I have my Honey Milk. I have my Honey Stingers protein bars. I have a newish pair of Mizunos. My hats and gloves are put away. Chapstick, sunscreen, and gum. Ready. Salt tabs, coconut waters, Gatorades. All stocked.

I have my training plan (NORCAL MARATHON page on top).

I’ve had another family mtg with the boys, asking them how they feel about training for marathon #5. They rationalize that it will be okay since I’ll be training all summer, instead of mostly through the school year.

Harley Guy has started looking up 5k and 10k races, because this plan emphasizes a LOT of those weekly in the beginning of training.

So this may well be my last week of late night. I’m psyching up for weeks of 5am wakeup calls. Of giving up Diet and all soda. Of carb loading on Friday nights.

In what appears to be laziness, I’m really preparing myself mentally and emotionally to toe the line once again on September 18. To beat my body to cross the line. To feel alive and hopeful, even when my view is limited, and my fears are noisy.

Five days to nurture and nourish. Because I can.

Links I have found helpful for this training cycle:

RunEricRun a runner’s thoughts on Hanson SOS

RunnersWorld Hanson Article no run more important than the next

Let’s Run People talking about the Hanson plan

Run Works More talk about the plan from experienced runners

Running Times Article on the Hanson Plan

3 thoughts on “what lies in between…

  1. I’m going to use the Hanson plan for my next marathon (assuming there IS a next marathon). I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it. So excited for you that you have another one on the horizon and a great support system to see you through. You need something to look forward to, so YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Linda – your fortitude through life challenges always inspires me. You just ride the waves and take them as they come…when I first ‘met’ you, you were looking for work, trying to keep your home, working hard at being a runner, a mom…and you rode through all of that and came back better than ever and life gave you and abundance of gifts (friends, running success, Harley guy…etc.)

    So….This too shall pass – I know you know it 🙂

    I wonder if Hanson has a half marathon plan, or if the marathon plan can be easily adapted? I am just now re-building a base and I am thinking that an October marathon may now not be such a feasible goal, after an 8 month layoff. I looked around online and couldn’t find one….

  3. Hanson scares me. 5 am scares me. I don’t think that I could do either.

    I can (and need to) stock up on Gatorade though! 🙂

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