The Dala Horse Trot 10K was to be my first race of the TNT fundraising and training season.  I hadn’t run much since the LA Marathon on March 21, so it would be interesting.  I had two 3 mile runs during the week, but hadn’t run more than 5.  So, it was with great trepidation that I started my nervous trek to Kingsburg.  My first order of business:  List my donors for Support A Mile.  On my arm. 

We got to Kingsburg, and here I must mention my Harley Guy who supports me unconditionally.  For the first time, I realize I have someone to help me, to get me in the car, to the race, to the Starbucks, etc.  I’m so used to doing this on my own, that I’m inordinately self centered and focused.  He was pretty patient, as I first got us to the wrong fire station, and then he asked a question that I didn’t even hear because I had the Linda chatter going pretty well.   So, thank you so much Bill.  I love you!  INORDINATELY!! 🙂

At the gun, I started a 10:45 pace, but knew I could not hold on to that.  Even a little bit.  My paces slipped to 11 minute miles for the first 3 miles, but then I only had one goal.  Do. Not. Walk.  There was a stretch of road that was all grapevines.  For a mile.  At one point it got HOT.  Like, 75 degrees hot, which is normal in the central valley, but when you’ve been enjoying 50 degree runs, you get toasty.  There was a guy in front of me that ran and walked.  And walked.  And I could NOT catch him.  Even at the end, I couldn’t push past him.  My last few miles were 12ish minute miles, and I ended with a PW of 1:13:13, 6 minutes off my PR for a 10k.

The volunteers were great.  The race was great.  The medal.  I got third, out of 4th place.  It was exciting.  I tend to judge myself against 35 year olds, and I was excited to know I didn’t get DFL out of all the 50-59 year olds. 

I’m excited for this training cycle, because it’s all about fundraising and focusing on TNT and running for a higher purpose.  Next up:  Tough Topanga 10K next weekend in LA.  This weekend:  Don’t walk…Next weekend:  Don’t die!

2 thoughts on “dala horse trot 10k race report.

  1. Good job, Linda. I’m glad you decided to do the race and you had good goals and it came out well (if you ask me). Hooray!

  2. Great job. 75º is horrid. I hate when it gets above 50º.

    I need to find more races like these. I might just stalk you.

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