Erika, Me, Row at start 

Wow.  Great inaugural race.  I’m told that all five Rotary groups got together to put this race together, and I must say, having had experience with “inaugurals”, this one was well run.

I had planned to race the Tough Topanga 10K on Saturday, but was hit with vertigo, making a 6 hour car trip not appealing or possible.  So, I stayed home.  Pouted.

Then realized that I had 6 donors who had purchased a mile on my race.  I needed to find something to race.  Something small.  I remembered my gal Row was talking about the Stockton race, and I simply thought…this is what I should do.

Having again forgotten to check my paces on my McMillan Race Calculator, I just drove to Stockton with a check at 6:30 this morning.  And a Sharpie.  With names on my arm, and fresh off a bout of vertigo, I got out in the wind and quickly found a Starbucks.  I waited for Row, and we walked to the starting line.

This race was to eradicate polio worldwide, and so for a worthy cause, I loved toeing the line.  A woman spoke who had polio when she was three years old, and her final words were:  “Run for those of us who can’t.”  I couldn’t believe only a day before I had been complaining about dizziness and weight gain.  It was the best perspective for the race.

Stockton is pretty flat.  It was an out and back, and I start fast as usual, but head to the back of the pack.  At the .6 mark I was thinking I really am slow, but remembered not to compare myself to all the 30 year olds here.  As I passed the 1.6 mark, I looked down to find an 8:xx pace, so I was pretty stoked.  My goal was not to do a PW (34:xx) and try to stay above the 11 minute mile pace.

I’m pretty happy with my pace.  10:23 and 6th place out of 12 in my age group.  I also was 24th out of 51 of all the women.  I have to remember that I’m not really running against anyone.  Not even against myself.  I am just running.  And, when I beat a prior time, I get that inner strength to toe the line again next week, because this season I’m running strictly for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and you can sponsor me for a mile or two here.  Today, I ran for Randy, a former teammate from the 2009 TNT team.  He ran with me.  Was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Died this year.  I thought of him today.

Great job Stockton!  My favorite part?  The old school food at the end.  Cookies from a package, and cut up oranges.  I will be back for this one!

4 thoughts on “Stockton Rotary Run 5K Race Report

  1. Congratulations on a great race!! Thank you for writing my name on your arm!! Great pics! You go girl!! Good luck at the next race!!

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