tomorrow the career changes. or something.

from 1981 until now the only thing i could count on

was a fresh classroom that i could call mine

with my name on the board and a fresh set of students

waiting to do battle with ernest hemingway, algebra and the periodic chart

long gone are lesson plans created from my heart and soul…

yet. even if i could get that time back, i’m sure that i would. not.

1981. long ago dreams. $12,000. a year.

and i was happy to have it because i did not go into teaching for the money

i went in because i had nothing else to do.

i stayed for the joy.

even as my students are finishing their presentations

on romeo and juliet

i am trying not to love their work.

but i fail and fail again when students decorate the class

for the wedding that the lovers should have had.

i am trying to pretend that i do not care.

my heart and my head are mismatched with anger at injustice

and hope and love of the craft that is teaching.

and tomorrow.  i drive down a different street. and say.


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