This week’s 5k landed me in Bass Lake, vacation place of my childhood.  Harley Guy and I got a darling cabin for $55 after meeting in Merced to celebrate the fact that we made 6 months as a couple … something I thought I would NEVER do again.

We made it over to the Expo at The Pines, and although I am usually forgiving of race directors and such, these people were pretty rude I thought.  I could pick up my shirt and my number, but not my chip.  Why would you wait until the next day to get your chip?  What is the point??  This 5K was a fun run, but really the event was the Bass Lake Triathlon.  So, maybe they were focused on the triathletes.  I’ve generally had great success and appreciation for volunteers, but the head woman left a bad taste in my mouth.

We went to our cabin after dinner at Ducey’s, and hung out playing Words With Friends and generally relaxing.  Turns out, there were other campers there that were getting ready for a HUGE PG&E BBQ the next day.  They stayed right below us at the outdoor fireplace until 1am.  I was starting to lose it for a 5am wakeup call, but they finally went to bed.  I realized that I have run on 3 hours sleep before, so I wasn’t going to die!

We arrived at the Pines and started watching the triathletes.  The womens’ bodies were amazing…calves I could only dream of…Seemed like a friendly crowd, but the focus was different.  I think you have SO much more to do than run, so people were getting the transition areas prepared.

Our run started at 7:30.  I had done this race in the 80’s with a girlfriend, and we had carb loaded on candy the night before.  I remember dying on the hills.  Sweating.  Horribly unprepared.  Yesterday we started on a downhill, and I was cheery, but every step was hard.  My chest hurt (elevation 3350), and my clothes felt tight.  We rounded a side street and were greeted by a ginormous hill at mile 1 or so.  I even had to walk at one point.  By mile 1.5, there were 2 other women that I kept passing, and they would return the favor.  I remembered to let gravity take me, and run like hell on the downhills, but the uphills were HARD.  Sort of like running the SF Half Marathon, but of course MUCH shorter.

I rounded the flat path at the end in front of the Pines and started to burn and turn.  And then, I realized by looking at my Garmin, that I was a half mile away.  I was sprinting WAY before I was ready.  I rounded the hill by the Pines Market and ran in hard, beating one of the women.

I was pretty happy with this time, but I was unhappy with how I felt.  I have steadily gained weight since the LA Marathon, and I am not happy with carrying it around.  Harley Guy helped me strip out of my running gear, and we went to spectate.  In my age group, I won 3rd place out of 3, but we didn’t want to stay until 5 for the awards.  I also quickly became bored with the triathlon.  Guess it’s not my thing.

My heel hurt.  A lot.  And so, I made a decision yesterday NOT to run a Fall Marathon.  More to come in the next post, but for today, making that decision is smart at this point.  I was told at one point to focus more on faster half marathons and smaller races, and that’s what I’m going to do…in addition to losing 20 pounds.

The Bass Lake 5K was uneventful as a race goes, but I enjoyed being there, and of course earning my 3rd place award!!

One thought on “Bass Lake 5K Race Report

  1. Hi, congrats on your 3rd place finish…so sorry you didn’t have a fantastic registration experience! We’ll try harder next year, if you attend again!

    Rhonda (Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau – co-promotor)

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