There’s really nothing to this little race report.  I’ve lost my Garmin.  I had no music.  I downgraded from the 5 to the 2 miler.  And yet, I still felt legit…

Harley Guy and I leapt out of bed for a 7am race that started at 8.  We were so early, we could have help set up.  After getting that infamous bib number, and waiting around, I knew nothing would be hard on this day.  The Hilmar Udder Run is such a fantastic community event, you just can’t help but have a great time.

I was after one thing:  A block of cheese.  This is the prize that the first place winner gets for their efforts.  We ran 2 miles.  I was doing fine.  The only time my heel hurts is when I’m not running, so nothing really hurt.  Out and back, same people running that have run every year.  Same race supporters, water stations.

Only one girl up in my grill.  She came running by me and said “how old are you?”  I said, 52 …and she goes on to say how she’s 8 months pregnant and doesn’t want to race me and you don’t look that old.  I thought she was being friendly until I saw her ask another runner.  And another.  And yell at these 2 girls who were walking.  “I’m pregnant!  Can’t you beat me?”   Ick.

I won 1st place.  Out of 6 in my division.  That’s the first time I haven’t won by default, because there was no one else to win it.

Felt good.  Got my cheese.  Had a fabulous day with Harley Guy.

Life is good.

2 thoughts on “udder run x4 2011

  1. I keep thinking about this girl. I’m so glad that she is the exception and not the rule. Most runners are very supportive, I’ve found.

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