I have a new obsession.  Anyone who’s known me any length of time, knows that I get them, and I get them often.

I found a site, new to me, last week.  Pinterest is a site where you make collages, sort of a virtual pinup board of stuff you like.  What makes it different, is that when you set up your boards (anything you want, and unlimited amount), and you pin pictures to boards, you will be directed to the original website where the photo was found.  So, that cool pair of Mizunos?  You like them, and see them on a site during a search, but don’t have time to research the shoe.  You pin it, and can look later…

It’s much like web surfing, and browsing, but if you’re anything like me, you remember that cool vacation spot with all the shells on the beach, and save the photo to your pictures…but then cannot access that exact site because, um, you forgot where it was on the web.  You also install a PIN IT into your bookmark bar, and then while on a site, you click it, and it will take you to images for you to pin.  VERY easy and user friendly.

So, today, I show you the boards I curated on Pinterest. In between careers and houses and all kinds of stuff, I’m using Pinterest to motivate me.  If you click on each photo, it will take you to my boards on the site.

Stuff I like:  On this page, Marilyn Monroe, that tie, the shoes, the butterflies.  It’s my catchall board.

Peaceful jaunts:  New York station, quotes, trains to bring me my  man, sunsets, sunrises, vacations.

My passion for the Red Cross, a possible nursing career.  PICK YOUR BATTLES. Maidenform Bras.

Shows my love for my man + a jillion things I think about love.  Kissing, partnering, etc.  LOVE this.

Mom Stuff is about my boys, the Scouts, the infamous Chet, a feeling I get as a Mom…

Running Amok is my favorite place for gathering stuff about my favorite activity.

This takes me to the EXACT site for that coconut cake recipe.  Visuals, smells, these get me.

Okay, so sometimes I’m moody.  These shots express what I’m feeling when I’m a bit…stabby…or joyous.

I’m drawn to photography.  This collection helps me sort all the images I love.

So, while I’m receiving “thank you for applying but another candidate has been selected for this position” emails, and deciphering the welfare and unemployment system, holding onto my house for just one more day, and watching my great boys swim…while I’m riding the Amtrak to see my man, or baking cookies…I’m Pinteresting.

These images are selected, not merely collected.  I’m having a ball.  I’m LindaV1959.  Come play with me.

2 thoughts on “pinterest. me.

  1. I want to do that thing. I have to request an invite. Seems rather snobbish for an internet thang!

    Stabby is a fantastic adjective.

  2. My goodness. THAT’s what that site is for. I should probably stay FAR FAR away – but I’ll go peruse yours 😉

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