I got this really odd email a few weeks before the LA Marathon.  It was from a representative of K-Swiss.  Or so it seemed.  A Turner PR representative told me to stop by the K-Swiss booth during the expo, and they would send me a pair of shoes.

Well, I did that…sorta hung around the joint, and really didn’t know what to do.  I left, thinking nothing of it.  She had assured me that YEAH, they were sending me shoes, and I’m like um, yeah.  I’m sure you are.  (have I mentioned that I’m a suspicious type?)

Today, they came to my house.  Black. Pink Neon.  I slipped them on, and felt immediately like a little slice of heaven was enveloping my feet.  Like walking on marshmallows, as some customers on the website proclaim.  I haven’t taken them off.  Due to the issues I’ve had with running since the marathon, I just haven’t found a shoe that feels so comfy for pre and post run.  Flip flops in the Summer are bad bad bad, and heels don’t cut it.  With plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and a few toe problems, I really need a shoe to kick around in that won’t compromise my run.

I’ve found them.  Marshmallow Pies.  Very reasonable, $75, and I thank K-Swiss for getting these to me!  I love them!!  

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