My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.

I haven’t run in 10 days.

So I thought I just would stop.  Like one day.  Just stop.

Because I’m getting older, heading into shhhh…


And i added pounds and a bum heel and gave blood.

well.  I just decided to stop.  running.

And there she was on my doorstep this morning.

I say well.  Let’s walk and she says

I’m sorry, I don’t get up at 6am on a Saturday to walk.

We get to our corner, and our bodies start to move.

And she is a 9 minute miler, while I.  Well, let’s just say

I did my Nike Marathon Pace.

She left me as usual.  At our usual spot.  And after my stop.

I just started to run over the freeway.  By the Blue Light.  On the overpass.

But I couldn’t.  So I stopped.  And Walked.  And Ran.  And Walked.

and walked.

3.11 in something like 42 minutes.  And I stopped getting mad at myself.

Block walk. Block run.  I remember the first time I ran.  It was just. like. that.

My body tingles with that alive feeling.  Like.  I can run.

Now.  We start again.  Recommit as I usually do.

With my bum heel, my fertile years behind me, my boys separating and growing into

young men.

And being in love and running and finding out.  Just how magic shoes work.


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