It all started for me in the fall of 2003.  I happened to go on a Weight Watchers Message Board, and hook up with what were then, 40 year olds.  Every day, several times a day, many women talked about their trials and tribulations and men and children and work.

I think two of us are still 40.  Three of us have landed in the 50 year old category.

That fall, an idea was born that we would all meet in Morehead.  I was the furthest east in California, and there were women coming from all over.  Now, mind you a few had met, but most had not.  We were going to spend a weekend in a condominium.  Together.

However, there was one woman…L, who shared a sleeping area on the floor with me.  The minute I met her, I thought, yeah.  This one and I will be lifelong friends.  She continues to be someone I count as a true friend, always there for me…K and I had a laugh over phallic bread.  S. I met while she was munching on a box of cereal, which would prove to be dinner.  M. stayed up late with all of us talking about our men.  Oh, that night.  And some of us met other women with whom we immediately connected…but those did not last.  In fact, if you had told me that the five of us would have ended up together at the end, I would have said you were wrong.

Summer 2004.  Morehead.  13 women.

That fall, we broke in half … 6 went one way, 7 the other.  And we embraced each other, and dealt with the ending of the 13…We had a yahoo group.  A message board.  I remember a 2004 phone conversation that shocked everyone, and then next day, the one who missed it said “Did I miss anything?”  Uh yeah.  You did.

Summer 2005 in Virginia.  7 of us.  In a salt water pool, lounging all weekend.  Sushi.  I had pink hair.  It was soon after, that we lost 1 more in our happy fest.

Summer 2006 in Nebraska.  One of us getting so drunk she passed out right there in the middle of our game 🙂 And I love her.  Laughing.  We went to a lake. We visited museums, one of us being really crafty…I got some Big Red pajamas.

Summer 2007 in New Hampshire.  Rocking on a porch, celebrating our first 50 year old in the group, K.  We hit a fabulous dessert restaurant…We had the new blog here (June 2007) and still had our Yahoo board which held all our recipes!!  On this trip back, I was stuck in Atlanta for the night.

Summer 2008 we skipped.  One of us had breast cancer.  I taught Summer School.  I was thick in the beginning of house saving and being a single mom.  I don’t remember all the details.  We just couldn’t do it. But we vowed not to let it happen again.

Summer 2009 in my hood.  Just 4 of us.  San Francisco.  Yoga.

Summer 2010 North Carolina.  I didn’t make this one, sadly.

And then there were five of us.

Five of us from New Hampshire, Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, California.  Marathons and Breast Cancer and Divorce and pounds lost and gained and non-stop broken appliances and new jobs and medical lingo and a new boyfriend and children on the honor roll.  The Reds and The Dodgers.  Religious discussions and Liberals and Republicans.  Meat and still points counting.  Gym teachers and tennis. Patient mothers of teens.  Obsessions granted and lifted.  Clean and dirty houses.  Gifted children.  From gifted mothers.  And yeah, just life.  We’ve talked about everything under the sun, and then some.

This is one of my favorite posts from M.  It was the year we couldn’t get together.  From October 2008

So, when do we start talking about all of us getting together again? Do we have to wait until next summer? Is there a possibility of doing something any sooner? Where, When, I think we know the why.

And we are all headed to the east again.  To sit, relax, share stories of men and children and work…and what it’s like for us on year 8.  And this I know:  The best is yet to come.  Can’t wait to see my girls.  🙂

3 thoughts on “The Best Is Yet To Come

  1. If the typing isnbad, it is because inam having trouble seeing the keyboard through my tears. There are times I would wonder, are these girls my friends? Are we really connected? Yes we are…See you soon L

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