A year ago, I wrote this post  about banditing a race.  I was very all high horse about it …

Oh, how much can change in a year. I had Shiloh & Glenn both running with me for portions of LA, and I didn’t seem to mind!  And now, this!

Who would have guessed that after the 2011 LA Marathon, that I would have hit the proverbial skid row of running.  All throughout the summer, I’ve run little 5K and 10K races, just to keep the juices flowing…but I ran out of gas.

I started the 40 day challenge for myself, after reading about it on ChicRunner’s site.  I thought, you know what? You better get moving!!  (i’m on day 17, having run 3 miles this morning)

I miss racing.  I miss the yelling, the cheering, the FUN of the run.  Races are really the icing on the cake of weeks of training.

A few weeks ago, my good friend Penny asked me if I would run the last 3 miles of the San Francisco Half Marathon with her.  I ignored her.  I asked Harley Guy if we had any plans that weekend …and he says NOPE.  I ignored again, thinking that she surely found someone who could run decently.  Who could at least keep up with her.  Didn’t she know that I wasn’t even really a runner anymore?

I got another message from her last week.  I couldn’t avoid it any longer.  Yes.  I said yes.

And now?  I’m totally freaking serious.  Like I have myself on a running schedule all week.  I cannot let her down.  This girl is an amazing supportive runner, and a great friend.  And she has asked me for help.

I’m banditing 3 miles.  AND…I promise NOT to drink or eat or get in anyone’s way.

But, I’m helping my girl to the finish.  Try to catch us!

3 thoughts on “Yeah. I changed my mind.

  1. You are NOT a Bandit-and who cares if you are. I have paid money to run in this race and have asked you to help me because right now I dont feel like a runner either and I MUST finish this race!!! You and I are very similar in so many ways-who else would I ask to help me????? Love you!

  2. Things are seldom black and white to me. I understand that running along the course to “support” someone for a portion of the race is technically banditing (you’re running without a bib). But I’ve never had moral qualms about it. My only concern has been that they’d kick me off the course and I’d leave my supportee abandoned. What you’re doing really isn’t “banditing” the way I see it. You aren’t going to take any water or fuel or other course support/supplies. I think you’re cool.

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