Gymnotes is now a page.  Click on that lil badge on the right side.

Why now?

With the advent of Google Circles, I see that people are compartmentalizing all their contacts in family, friends, runners, etc.  I’m just not there yet.  I really appreciate that this cool running/Ironman couple share their long distance love on Facebook.  If they only shared it with their Ironman friends, well, I would never get to know that aspect of them.  That my math teacher runner friend shares everything about her training, and not just math…?  Well, that gives me the well rounded, 3D personality that I am seeking.  So, I am not Google Circling.  Not yet.

I made Gymnotes a page because sometimes my running stuff might get a tad monotonous to non-runners…just like my music selections and rants about the coffee shop or cute quotes might be insignificant to my running pals.

So, Gymnotes is a Page.

Go like it, wouldja?



One thought on “in which Gymnotes becomes a Facebook Page (or how not to join Google circles)

  1. I’m not sure about the compartmentalization, either. I still have resisted signing up for Google+. I do like seeing all the different things about my FB friends. I did tell my friends, at one time, that if they didnt’ want to see all my workout stuff, they could choose to “hide” dailymile posts by clicking on one of my entries.

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