30 days ago I took on the 40 day challenge.  Wherein I seek to work out …do some kind of intentional exercise for 30 minutes, 40 days in a row.  I did not finish.  But, I did not fail.

Why did I stop?  I came home on Thursday to a dirty pool, and said to myself, “You don’t need to work out.  You can clean the pool  Vigorously.  And that will be a great workout!”  So, yeah.  That is not a workout.  I said on Friday, “Yeah, you are standing around at a football game.  That burns calories.”  Um, no.  I knew we were in trouble when we headed to Burger King after the game.  At 9:00 at night.  Saturday came and went with a birthday party for a 14 year old.  10 boys …NOT a workout, and not intentional.

Here’s what I DID gain

  • I went from 196 to 189.  Yes.  That’s pounds.  American pounds.  I had such a slide after the LA Marathon, and I was really hopeless to lose the weight.  But, I stepped on the scale yesterday to the numbers staying on the 8.  I was not only thrilled, I finally had hope.  I believe that the small bits of exercise I was getting jump started my metabolism.
  • Tracking.  I started to be more diligent with tracking on Livestrong My Plate.  I’m pretty bad about that, so I just did what I could.  If it goes in my mouth, I write it down.  Simple.
  • I loved swimming again.  I liked running.  I wrote a post about how I was staying on track.
  • I got a new job.  I’m teaching High School English in a public charter online school.  Medical benefits.  Pays retirement.  Working at home.  I started trying to figure out ways I had to move during the day, because sitting with my new fancy computer every day would make my butt get new and fancy and big too.  I rediscovered the gym.
  • I learned that most things are out of my control.  That the only control I have is inside my bubble.  That relationships with harley guy and children and family and work people are all based on me being truthful and staying current.  I cannot control what will or will not hurt my children.  I can only be there when they fall.  And…they will fall.  My job is to be here to help apply a band-aid.
  • I learned that if I don’t workout, I won’t workout tomorrow either.  That’s how I am.  All or nothing.
So today, I being again.  I did 1 day of elliptical training.  I’m ready for the challenge.  You?

4 thoughts on “failure is not an option

  1. Begin again! Yes! That is the right attitude. Congrats on your discovery of the benefits of sticking with your challenge for 30 days. Although, personally, I might’ve counted cleaning the pool as a workout. Not sure. Depends on how hard you were working. Did it get the heart rate up? Make you sweat?

    I took a day off today. It was not scheduled. I was tired. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week.

  2. Yay! So happy for you! How do you feel about online teaching? Let me know how it goes.

    For what it is worth, I have never done 40 days of exercise like that in a row! Making it 30 is AMAZING!

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