I’m incredibly lucky.  I don’t know how this happened.  Call it right place, right time.

With all the hard stuff.  And the scary places.  And all the hoops I had to

jump through.

I get to do this amazing job.  I wake and pinch myself.

And try not to screw up.  Because God knows.  I can do that.

And I get to run some more.  Any time I want.

Tomorrow, I lace up.

Because I am no longer injured

Look for a race.  Once again.

And remember the reason I’m running.

A lil 10 item meme.  Got anything good to add?

1.  My favorite runner ever is Joan Benoit Samuelson.  Please.  I need to meet her.
2. I’m more afraid than the average person of missing my alarm the morning of a marathon.
3. It ticks me off when people chat on a phone during a marathon.  Like, really.
4. This is the family member I’d most like to run with:  my sisters.  Hands down.
5. The friend I can count on to keep me running is Kim.  Best. Running Partner. Ever.
6. My job?  It affords me the ability to run at any time of the day.  Right now I’m swimming, so yeah.  But, I’m doing it at any time of the day.
7. Common sounds when I run.  “Ugg”, “Sigh”, “Woooooo”
8. Special or hidden talent while running…I have the ability to recite chapters of text in my head.
9. Favorite Movie about running:  Run Fat Boy Run.  Yup.  Oscar caliber.
10. My Motto:  If not now, when?

2 thoughts on “ten things. about running.

  1. I have watched Run, Fatboy, Run before every one of my races save the last one I just did. I love his first time running and how his face changes from a sense of wonder and accomplishment to one of pain and horror.

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