What’s your sentence?

Was I better today than yesterday?

Today I did something really hard.  And I did it with a lot of help from a lot of people …who love me.  A lot.  I walked into something with dignity and grace.  But.  I did it alone.

I woke with determination and mapped out my day.  I faced the hard thing.

I had sushi with one of my favorite gal pals who has shown me that nothing is impossible…I taught my homeroom period from Starbucks.  My students and I had to stop because of the four alarm fire…but there we were.  In this virtual world talking about important things.  Together.

I came home and picked up #1 from Soccer, and took #2 to Football and took #1 to Boy Scouts.  And tonight I get to see Harley Guy…riding into my town on his machine.

And I look around at unpacked boxes for work, and running shoes, and dogs and the neverending need for food for hungry boys…and I am clearly blessed, even in the toughest of times.

So, when I saw this video tonight, I wondered…what is my sentence?

I think it is this:

She loved with her whole heart, and landed in the most interesting places.  


So, when I ask if I was better today than yesterday, I will measure it by the love I gave.  The tough love and the sweetness and the doing things when you don’t want to do them love.  Making time when there is no time…This my friends, is my sentence.  To love more, and to love fully.

Carry on.


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