Instead, I ran 4 miles. One for each plane that flew into those towers, and one for the plane that flew into the Pentagon. And one for the plane that flew into the field in Pennsylvania. Instead of writing about 9-11, or going to an event, I honored this day by running 4 stupid miles.

Ones that I’m sure any of those killed that day would love to have. I ran under the dripping skies in Clovis. I ran to Heather Small’s “Proud”, and to the Killers & Joanie Benoit winning the Olympics in LA. It hurt. A lot.

I am now five weeks away from a half marathon that I didn’t think I’d be able to run…and I’m now training. I’m also planning. Los Angeles Marathon. San Luis Obispo half marathon. etc. etc. I have re-caught the running bug.

I have been blogging about 9-11 since 2007. That post, called 9-11 never forget was the initial bloggy long post I had recalling the day. In 2008, I made Patriot’s Chili, and posted the Toby Keith video. In 2009, I couldn’t even blog. Had a revelation that knocked me flat for days. Months. I just didn’t reflect. I was living in my own personal nightmare. Patriot Day went by unnoticed. In 2010, I didn’t blog for a few weeks about hardly anything. I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon, and quite focused.

And still again, I’m having a hard time blogging about this day. This day that changed so much in our country. I told Harley Guy that I just couldn’t do it. Yet he came in to see me listening to Patriot Music, and re-living Bush’s speeches about that day.

And because I can’t think about or try to remember that time in my life without much pain, I didn’t want to write about it again.

So, I just ran. It hurt. But, I ran.

Patriot Day 2011. 4 miles to the good.

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