I wake before the sun.  I run.  I have a Nike bib, so there is some urgency.  Four weeks, no training.

I no longer am racing my kids out the door at some ungodly hour because I need to be in my classroom prepping.

They get a hot breakfast.  And a lunch.

I can take them to school, do my morning commute to the post office, and come back

To sit with my dogs…they are content to be in the room, just dozing.

As summer finally fades to fall.

The windows open and I’m in my pajamas.

Drinking coffee.  Reading the paper.

I open my laptop, and work like the rest of you.

Answering emails.  Working on homeroom classes, because I am the secretary of my homeroom…

I answer student questions.  Yes, I can unlock that test.  Yes, you can have more time.

You’re an Olympic athlete? A movie star kid?  Your dad is in Europe with the Navy?

It’s easy to help you.  Because you too have to work…on your own, in your house.

Come with me to Starbucks, where I hold my next class.

And I will open up a room, and you can draw with the tools, and chat with each other.

Your mom calls to tell me you are overwhelmed, you are moving, your sister was in the hospital.

I can help.

I am a teacher.  I hold court every Thursday at 10am for 200 freshmen and sophomore English students.

My lessons are fun and engaging.

I’m blessed.  I’m in my element.

And, at noon, I nap or swim or eat lunch with girlfriends.

I come back and answer more questions.  yes.  always yes.

I go to bed with more to do than the day before.

BUT.  i have said yes.  

And I will be here at 8am…in my pajamas, drinking coffee, waiting to say yes again. 

I not only say yes to you, but to my children…who didn’t know what to do with me home…to my friends…to the harley guy.  

i am the luckiest girl in the world.

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