I just went to my first biker event.  I’m an English teacher.  A marathoner.  A Single mom.  52 years old.  And, I’m in love with Harley Guy.  Yet, I have no primer on how to be a biker chick.  I thought you had to have tattoos and wear risque clothes.  Not so much:

  • First of all, you wave at other bikers.  Except at biker’s events.  Because you’d be waving all the damn time.
  • You need common sense to ride.  You need a jacket when it’s cold.  Very simple.
  • Don’t lean when he’s at a stop sign.  You’ll be going over.
  • If your man wants the bottom floor of the motel, it’s not because it’s the best room.  It’s so he can keep his eyes on the bike.  Deal with it.
  • You can wear hot clothes.  But, you can only wear them for your man.
  • He gets the table.  You walk into a restaurant, and every hostess looks to you, because you always get the table you want.  Not so fast.  She talks to him.  She takes us to the table…and if you have a good man, he looks at you and says “Is this okay baby?”
  • If you’re cold, or hot…he will pull over and get the clothes/jackets that you need.
  • He may like tattoos.  He may have one.  Or two.  But what he likes on you is for you…to be a lady.
  • You don’t drag this man through a crowd.  You don’t walk ahead on your own.  Because, actually, you are in a relationship.  Be in one.  Stop being all independent.  You’re in a relationship.
  • I saw one lady dressing down her man in front of other men.   This is.  No. Good.
  • Smile.

Sound like the 50s?…if so, bring back the good times. I’m pretty happy.  This is all new for me.   No more Miss Independent.  I’m in love…with a real man.

You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Off Topic: Loving A Biker

  1. Well, that’s just awesome. Cheers!

    (And, re: your comment on my blog, no we’re not. Not sure where you got that idea.)

  2. Just met a biker and having met and married so called nice boys, he is the best of the best. helps his family. and has a good heart. ladies stop being afraid of the bikers. true gentlemen.

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