If I had a dollar for every diet I’ve ever done, I would have as many dollars as there are diets.  In the world. 

  • I did Weight Watchers.  As a 25 year old.  We had to eat liver.  I never tasted it once. 
  • I did a liquid diet thing when I was teacheing.  All the teachers had liquid diet cups at all the teachers’ meetings.  There were no more doughnuts.  Only plastic cups of goop, and long lines for the bathroom.
  • Weight Watchers in 1990.  I became a LifeTime Member.  I was happy.  I felt amazing.  But, I had a boyfriend who would shake my thighs even if I had a bit of ice cream.  I was looking for approval.  I couldn’t get thin enough.  And I weighed 150.
  • I knew that I had a compulsive eating problem, and joined Overeaters Anonymous.  I tried.  I really did.  But, I just couldn’t commit my food.  Plus work the steps.  I mean, come on. 
  • I got pregnant after 90 days of OA abstinence.  I had a baby.  Then.  Went back to Weight Watchers.  Again.  Lost weight.  I could eat pie while nursing and still lose weight.  It was a win!!
  • I had another baby and was as big as a house.  I mean, almost 250 pounds with a bedrest pregnancy.  After that pregnancy, I did Body for Life.  I ate only chicken breasts and apples.  I lost weight, and I started weight lifting.  I liked it.  But my food choices were limited.
  • Periodically, I would join Weight Watchers. Again and again.  And, it always worked.  But.  I got lazy.  Stopped writing things down, which is of course the key to success.
  • Jenny Craig.  Ick to the max.  I got the free trial.  Hurlific.  Plus, you can’t buy their stuff anywhere.  It’s like you have to go to the secret freezer in their center to get it.  You can’t know what’s in it, and you can’t buy it anywere except there.
  • I joined Weight Watchers this summer..ent one time, then stopped.  And since then?  I’ve gained 7 pounds.  Seriously, I have a food love.  A problem, if you will.  I eat for many reasons, and some of them not for nutrition.  But you know it’s the best program around.

Today, I went back.  I stayed for the meeting.  The meeting I hate because of the inane clapping and hooting and getting a little sticker on your book.  BUT.  I want to run another marathon, and I simply cannot run…no, I will NOT run at this weight.  So, instead of training for the next 2 months, I will be losing this weight…slowly but surely. 

And then.  I will run that 26.2.  Again.

3 thoughts on “I did it again.

  1. I can’t imagine doing the diets over and over again like that. But I applaud you for taking action and doing something. I just try to eat healthy. 8-10 servings of fruit and veggies per day. I mean, I did do the calorie counting from about August 2005 until Feb 2007 but I am so done with that. It did teach me a lot, about portion sizes and stuff. Here’s a recent article I saw on FB or Twitter or something that I really like:
    I figure I can eat as much fuit and veggies as I like every day and I try to just have a bit of other things, not too much. I try to eat a large serving (really 2-4 servings) of dark green, leafy veggies every day. Mind you, I haven’t had any the last 2 days. So I don’t manage it every day. But I try. And of course I train like an idiot.

  2. your not supposed to call them “diets” its a “lifestyle” change. it’s easier to think of it that way too. for me the word “diet” = failure, but i am weak in respect to “trick-or-treat” candy. thank goodness for training, or my ass would be big and wrinkly. don’t tell anyone i said that lol seriously i lose weight when i count the fat grams. i think it the fat that makes us fat. and mastering portion sizes. you go girl, i know you can do it, in little time i have known you here, i have watched/read you doing fantastic things.

  3. I’ve always had a big appetite, and the only way I can keep a handle on it is to eat lots of vegetables and fruit, things with fiber. I also have to eat about every 3 hours. Otherwise, I get too hungry and I make poor choices. And I make sure to drink plenty of water – helps the system. Also, I don’t believe in deprivation. Want ice cream? Have some, the good kind you’re craving.

    I have faith you can make the changes you want if you want them. I think you truly have to change your mindset first. Food can’t be thought of as good or bad (not you, when you indulge in them).

    You can accomplish anything. Can’t wait to see you back out doing marathon training!

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