I was given a bib for this year’s NIKE marathon. A half marathon bib. I hadn’t trained and had to drop out of TNT after raising $800, and various niggling injuries. I was seriously done with training.

And then. I got this bib in my hand.

After a great dinner the night before with Cory, Shiloh, Chris and Row that included cupcake carb loading, Shiloh and I proceeded to try to sleep.

I uncharacteristically slept great. Because I wasn’t really racing.

We woke on time, ate, and made our way to Union Square. I already was panicking because my bib clearly stated that I was to run the full marathon. I has visions of race directors taking me off the course.

I soon lost Shiloh on the way to the only open hotel restroom. After 3 years, you know these things. I even yelled, “I’m pregnant!”, so as to get people to move out of the way. I figured I already had started lying so what more could it hurt?

The race started in beautiful Union square, and it took 25 minutes to get across the start line.

I had no plan. Did not plan on running much. Did not want to hurt. I had run only 7 miles, 2 weeks before and this makes for ugly running.

I ran. Then kept running. I ran 3.5 miles, down the Piers. I started walking at mile 4…enjoyed myself tremendously. At mile 5 I ran again…knowing that I would walk mile 6. That hill.

Miles 7-9 took me on a run-walk schedule…but it was the first time I texted, Facebooked and snapped pictures doing a race. There was a CVS on the course, and I had an urgent need to take care of womanly business (they should have those things on the course…now THAT’S an Aid Station)… I had no money and broke into a box and told the owner I would send him some money but he said NO WAY! Keep going! (thank you!)

At mile 10, there is a steep downhill. I was like a little kid. Light on my feet, new Nike ZOOMS, and raced all the way down and then some.

At this point my quads were signaling for attention. Hey Linda. Remember us? You will!

Mile 10-13.1 I found a new friend. We ran and walked the rest together. Took more pics on Facebook.

Had a blast. Ran in. Got my Tiffany. I saw the bus line and told the last lie of the day: I hopped on the TNT bus an minutes, and was shuttled to the hotel. I have a few complaints like TNT walkers walking 5 deep across. If they do that, they should know I will squeeze through them. The Tiffany is getting smaller. There was a bagel and a bottle of water post race. Small complaints.

However…i am grateful…A great time…gifted to me by people I love and some I don’t even know. Today is Thursday and I finally have made peace with my thighs.

I thank you! I will be back…

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