4 years

4 years ago.  I started running.  on halloween, the story goes. 

I with my broken heart and she mentioning to me that she’d like to run again.

in 2007 I wrote this post about starting to run for the first time using couch to 5k.

On out first runnerversary, i didn’t even blog about it. 

We had been casually entering races here and there.

The next year, one of us entered the wrong

Nike Women’s Marathon.

She entered the half, and I entered the full.  I got drawn.  She didn’t.

on year 2, i wrote all this post about our journey together.

I had just finished my first marathon, with 3 more to follow.

Last year at this time, I was running my 3rd marathon.

She was getting to run her first marathon the following week.

In March, we both went to the LA Marathon.  She PR’d

in the monsoon marathon.

Since then, we really have only run here and there together.

Because I’m getting older and slower,

And she, 15 years younger than me, as she used to remind me.

She, is in the prime of her running.

I got a text from her a few weeks ago.  It read:

“I’m getting marathon fever.”

Me too, honey.  Me too.

It’s been a hell of a ride.

Happy 4 year runnerversary!!!!

2 thoughts on “4 years running…

  1. Happy four years! I haven’t thought much about “runnerversaries,” but it’s amazing to think I’m nearing six years next March. Here’s to stick-to-it-iveness–Cheers!

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