April 22, 2012

I will be attempting marathon number 5.  I thought a few months back that I was going to hang it up.  I wanted to do NorCal Marathon, but honestly, the Hanson plan that I used for LA in 2011 simply burned me out.  Doing three 8 milers a week simply kicked my ass.  Mentally, not physically.  It’s hard to wrap your brain around 90 minutes of running once a week…but three times?

So, I scrapped NorCal.  Then ran here and there.

My running partner put a bug in my ear a few weeks ago.

I had my eye on SLO for a bit.  Inaugural Marathons sorta scare me, but the thought of running in such a beautiful location, in California…well, that just made me want to pull the trigger that much more.  Plus, I had a great little 3 miler last night.  I’ve been struggling to run even a 12 minute mile, and my last mile of 3 was in the 10-11 range.  I was thrilled, and I felt strong.

5 miles of Tempo tonight.  I’m training for my leg of the CIM relay in a few weeks.

But after that…life goes into high gear with yet another round of marathon training.



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