Christmas, 1999

Dear Sons,

It’s that time again.  You are both awesome.  Yes, I could be more creative in my description, but honestly, I love you both to pieces.  Articulate and bright, funny and friendly.  So many adjectives could describe you.  But.  Because I’m your Mom, you know I love everything about you, even if it drives me nuts at times.  That’s what this letter is about.

  1. Table Manners: These are not optional.  Okay, sometimes when we are rushing around going to Scouts or sports, you can put your elbows on the table…But mostly…Elbows off the table, napkins in lap, no smacking, take a breath, have a conversation.  Ask to have the food passed.  Salt and Pepper are married:  they’re passed together.
  2. Wearing Hats:  Hats are intended to keep your head warm.  If you are at the table, they come off.  Every time.  Not sideways, or backwards.  Oh, and while you’re at it, couldja get all your hats together in one place?
  3. Your Video Stuff:  This morning, I stepped on XBox headsets as I sleepily made my way across the den with a cup of coffee…the only real time I have to sit and collect my thoughts before I start my day.  Sorry if it broke, but not really, because have I asked you to move that stuff?  Yes.  Oh, and I know you’ve worn me down with Modern Warfare.  I seriously hope and pray you don’t become snipers in real life.
  4. Homework:  I know you have it. If you are in Middle School, you certainly have Math and English every night.  I know, because I taught it.  When you do your homework, use the desks that I have provided for you…not your bed, with the TV, iPod and Facebook open on your laptops.  Seriously, your teachers will thank you.
  5. Texting, Facebook, Internet in General:  You may not have cussing or sexual references on your Facebook.  Sorry.  If someone posts something like that, it’s your responsibility to remove it.  Oh, and tell me about it, so some parent doesn’t look sideways at me because I’m the 8% of the divorce rate in our town, and assumes that I’m not raising you correctly.  PS.  Do not EVER pretend to be someone else.  It surely will get back to me, and you’ll be losing said machines.
  6. Punishments, Consequences:  I decide those.  They are not open for negotiation.  I taketh away, and I give back.  Not you.  Also, if you lose your phone, iPod, etc., due to consequences, you will be given an additional chore to do.  It’s the way I roll.
  7. We’re all in this together:  I love you.  You are my world.  I pay the bills, I let you live in the house. I cook for you, I teach you everything I think you need to know.  I’m sorry I’m a single Mom, and don’t have that family structure you used to have.  But, you know what else we don’t have?  We don’t fight and yell.  We have family meetings.  We are not afraid, for the most part.
  8. Support:  You will attend your brother’s awards ceremonies.  You will show up for the championships, and you will clap and support him.  Your job is to be a family member.  I want you to know that you won’t always have each other…that someday your loves and jobs and kids and careers will become the focus.  Meanwhile, suck it up and wear the school colors for your brother.
I love you.  You exceed every expectation that I ever had when I thought about having children.  You’re no longer babies, but you still need parenting.
And.  That’s just what I’m going to keep doing.
Love, Mom


2 thoughts on “Open Letter To My Teenagers.

  1. Well, okay HG. Elbows are negotiable. Sometimes. BUT…for the MOST part, boys need to manners yo!! 🙂

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