2011 was the year that I accepted my limitations.  And just as soon as I accepted those, I was given wings to attempt another marathon.

632 miles.  That’s what I ran this year.  Sounds like a lot, except last year I nearly topped 1000, and did 900 the year before that.  I stopped running after the LA Marathon.

Here’s the year…in recap:

  • In January, I had a new boyfriend.  I hadn’t had a relationship of any significance for 4  years, so all my posts were about this.  Yeah.  Right in the middle of training for marathon #4
  • February, I was worried about my job, which I eventually lost.
  • March brought the Los Angeles Monsoon Marathon, which I was really happy with.  I have finally accepted that I’m a 6 hour marathoner.  But to finish THIS particular marathon in 6 hours was a new level of badassness. It was 6:04, and I was thrilled.
  • In April, I attempted the Pinnacle One Mile Road Race in Fresno.  I won $30!  I also gave up Twitter, and went on a 30 day Facebook Cleanse with Harley Guy.  I committed to the NorCal marathon in September.  But, I didn’t do it.
  • Because I love TNT, and I wanted to run the Nike Women’s Marathon (half), I joined and ran the 10K Dala Horse Trot in May, at a pitiful 11:46 pace.  A week later, I ran the Stockton 5K Rotary Run.  I was trying to raise money.
  • June was the Bass Lake 5K, and our annual Udder Run, and I won first place in my AG.  Out of 2, or 3.  Still.  I don’t sneer at a small race field.  I was out there.  I fell in love with Pinterest, and Harley Guy and I made it 6 months.
  • July brought Jack Bogart to our family, and while in Virginia, I convince my cousin to run her first 5K, the YMCA Virginia Beach 5K.  At this point in my running career, I was walking.  I gained weight.  I wasn’t in the mood.
  • August brought running to a screeching halt, as I got a job teaching High School English.  Online.  And, while it’s been an adjustment both financially and in a time management way, August had me burning the candle at both ends trying to figure the whole thing out.
  • September found me in court, standing up for myself.  At last.
  • The Nike Women’s Marathon Race that I’ve done for 3 years was in October.  A nice 13.1 stroll, sometimes running, sometimes walking…taking pictures, enjoying the sights.
  • There were no races in November, but I finally settled on Marathon #5, which will be San Luis Obispo on April 22, 2012.  Good numbers
  • The CIM Relay team “We Run This Town” had a blast in December.

Finally.  In Mid December, I picked a Marathon Training Plan, using the Hanson model.  I started training, and for 3 weeks, I got stronger.  I lost 7 pounds on purpose, and started clicking off the miles.  Harley Guy and I made it a year, and planned 2012.  I still struggle in relationships.  I get scared.  I push, and still MsV sometimes raises her ugly head.  But.  For the most part, I am centered in my recovery.

632 miles.  2885 lifetime.

It’s definitely a journey.  And.  I’m not done yet.  2012 is not just mine.  It’s yours, mine, and ours.  Welcome.

4 thoughts on “632.78 & Still I Run

  1. Nice recap MsV… You beat my mileage for the year but I’m getting back planning a Half every quarter in 2012… Maybe I’ll see you in San Diego…

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