On the edge of my psyche is a little voice that says,

Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

Everyone is picking goals this time of year.  I’m certain that if I looked back over every blog post, journal, diary or log since I was a young girl, you would find resolutions.   We all want to spend more time with our family, get thinner, get a better handle on our finances, quit _______(insert something).


I want to know what I will do this year that will be special, if only to myself.  Of course I want to go to Paris and see the Empire State Building and dig a garden.  And.  In no particular order, here’s what else I want to do.

  • Tell the truth.  Every single time.
  • Run a 5:30 marathon.
  • Make all of the amends that I’m unwilling to make.
  • Keep my job.
  • Fix my now broken garage door.
  • Never eat margarine.
  • Help others without keeping score.
  • Make time to talk to my Mother every day.
  • Tell people when they’ve hurt me.  Right then.  Not at 3am when I think about what I wish I’d said.
  • Forgive.  Or at least pray to try to forgive.  Maybe.
  • Own a pink sweater.  Have a pink blog.
One down.  Ten to go.
If not now, when?

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