Here I am, 5 weeks in to the Hanson Training Plan for my 5th marathon.

And.  I’m in love.

In love with the miles, the training, the exhaustion.

It took this month, and last to lose 10 pounds.

And so, with those pounds less running, I am now ready to re-tool this plan.

I started with the hopes of a 6 hour marathon.

I have tried to run the slow paces, but it is not working.

Energy, coupled with new hope and rising passion, has given me a new goal.


Here is the new plan.  Complete with new times.

It took me 81 miles to figure this out.  But.  I can do this.

Six days a week of running, starting tomorrow.  The Cal10K race in the morning.

This marathon.  It’s seriously mine.

3 thoughts on “Renewed Promise.

  1. I think you’re getting it! I’m always amazed at the people who think you need to train fast to race fast. Stick with your plan, but most important – STICK TO YOUR PACE!!!

    Have fun. BTW – I’m not doing LA this year because I’m sticking to my plan AND my pace….

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