I had to run six miles today.  Yesterday was my first off running day in six days.  SO, like the old days, I had something relatively unhealthy for dinner.  I used to justify my over-eating, or eating of the wrong crap.  Like, look.  I ran.  So I can most certainly have a Big Mac.

I had some Chinese food.  And.  Not the real stuff.  The Fast Food–fast and yummy and greasy type.  Thinking of course that I’ve run all these miles, and have taken 12 pounds off.  So yeah.  Gimme the Panda.  Plus, a week or emotionally draining conversations and old connections.  I earned this, right?

I had a relative amount of decent calories yesterday.  I hadn’t really had too much food.

This morning, I woke up with the salt and MSG hangover.  That slimy feeling in your mouth that means you have something nasty in your system.  I never realized it before, because I ate like this all the time.  But.  Since Hanson training started, I’ve been a little more clean with the food.

I flushed.  I drank Nuun.  I drank more water.  I took Advil.  I waited until noon to lace up.

The first mile I was sweating much more than I ever had in a regular training run when it’s only 47 degrees outside.  I had to hit an 11:00 Half Marathon Pace.  I looked at the watch, and I had to slow down.  I was going to NAIL this.

My stomach didn’t cooperate at Mile 1, but after that, I didn’t stop.  Not even for water.  Because I knew if I did, I would most certainly have  stopped, or slowed down.  So I drank off my belt, and kept running.

It was a great run.  But, it only happened because I was not going to let my bad choice of food compromise this day.  I powered through, and then made a clear decision.  If I’m going to cheat, it will be on a Friday night.  The night BEFORE a rest day.  Not after it.

Off topic:

  • I am so grateful for the number 8 & 9.  If you know this number #xa, you know what I mean.
  • Sponsorship:  Blessed.
  • I seem to run better and faster with a broken heart.
  • Friends hold me up.  I thank you for that.

Week 7 of Hanson training began with a learning lesson.

4 thoughts on “a six mile learning lesson

  1. Broken heart? What did I miss?? & absolutely, even though I’m a long way from being 100% clean w/my diet, my minor missteps seem to be greatly magnified.

    For instance, alcohol even in minor amounts is no longer my friend!

  2. Solid stuff…half the lesson is realizing our errors the second half is correcting them and the third half is not repeating them!

  3. I’m trying very hard to change that mindset that I can eat whatever just because I ran. Great job overcoming the food choices for a kickass run. I see you’re using the Hanson Brooks training. I was just contemplating their training plans last week. Let us know how it works for you. Cheers!

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