So.  Here I am at the end of 6 days of running.  God.  I love the Hanson plan.  It’s mind-numbing…and I need that right now.  It’s not, “Shall I run today?”, but “How many miles am I running today?”  Like, there is no discourse in my head about if, but when.  

Cliff Notes for 30.3 miles this week:

  • Running 6 x 800s on a treadmill at 10:00 pace is a little sketchy when you have to pay attention to not falling off the thing.
  • If you put a Nuun tablet in a bottle of water, it may very nearly explode.
  • Out and back.  Out and back.  Two 4 milers.
  • 6 Miles does not necessarily mean you have to stop at 3, walk and drink.  There were lessons to be learned this week about sipping as you go.
  • Paces.  They are there for a reason.  Because by the time you get to LSD, you’d better understand what MP + :45 feels like.  
  • Half Marathon Pace is easier to run when you are not crying.
  • Running lunch break, taken at 10am, is easier to fathom than 3pm.
  • Old Lady hunched over her walker says to me, “I wish I could still do that.”  Gratitude.
  • Some music needs to be taken the hell off the iPod.
  • Wave.  At everyone.  One day this week, I waved like a lunatic at every car.  It helped.
  • The Dollar Store knee high socks work great for arm warmers, but not as good as Zensah.

*Note:  I was lighter.  Not in weight…but in spirit.  My sticks are tired, but not beaten to a pulp.  They are strong, and the familiar tightening of my quads feels amazing.  I face tomorrow’s off day at a water station the TNT team.  I made my running coincide with easier weekends out of town.  Though it no longer is necessary, I relish the off day.
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.” (Robert Frost)

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