This picture made me howl.  It’s exactly the image I want to share what this week looked like.

Last weekend, I deviated from my SLO marathon plan and ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon.  Here’s what the plan called for:  What I did for the week of 1-29-12 was jack my schedule.  Which meant, of course, that everything was shifted around to compensate for my tired legs.

Sunday, was the Half Marathon, and Monday I drove from LA to my home, a 300 mile drive.  Not only did I not have time to run, my legs just would not have allowed it.  On Tuesday, I ran the requisite 6, and was fine, but by Tuesday night, after wearing compression socks all day, I knew I had to make a change.

There is something very powerful about writing your own training plan.  For the first time in my marathon career, I had written my own plan, based on the Hanson Training Plan method.  I switched long runs.  I meticulously put tempo paces and 5K paces and set the plan on paper.  In writing the plan, you own it.  There is no one looking over your shoulder…no one to be accountable to but, well, YOU.

So I made a decision to rest on Wednesday.  I ran it by my two gal pals, and they both agreed:  Rest was exactly what I needed.  I didn’t feel guilty, and I was not worried.  By Thursday, I thought I would be okay to go.  And, I did.  I had 5 miles on the plan, and set out for my regular run.  It took 4 miles, but FINALLY, my legs settled in.  So much so, that I ran about a half mile more than I needed to.

Yesterday, I was to do Speedwork, but found a Massage College in Modesto that did full body massages for $20 …for an HOUR.  Seriously?  Instead of going to the track, I sped out of my house at a 10:15 pace and ran 2.8 around the block.  Jumped in my car, and headed off to the Masseuse.

Ran, Massage, Spa.  Worked late into the night.

Today, I sit here at the TNT Water Station that I’m running for our team.  I am reflecting on the week.  I made unplanned changes.  And, I paid the price.  It’s over, and I have a standing Friday appointment for a massage, until the marathon.  I have my plan that I’m re-writing to reflect last week’s changes.  I have 3 weeks to change the paces, then, according to Hanson, I’m locked in until the marathon.

Week 10 starts tomorrow.  Halfway there, and I’m loving complete ownership of this.  Happy weekend!


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