Today is the exact halfway point of my Marathon #5 training.

10 weeks in.  10 weeks to go. Halfway through the week.

Today, I ran 10 miles.  Grueling.  Punishing.

It started foggy.  Then a lone dog staring at me.

I picked up a stick and ran with it for 3 miles.

LSD.  Slow down.  Slow down.  

I really wanted to have the attitude that I am Just. Running.

Mile 4 had me at the Shell stop.  Funny tummy.

I took out my Clif Shot and warmed it in my hand for a mile.

Getting close to the Green Bridge, my head just started to kick in again.

I give it no energy, because, well.  It’s old news.

I’m getting tired around mile 6.  Muddy rocks off the trail.  

Dizzy over the river.

I count the miles that I have to make to make it back

and in a perfect 10 to my house.

I turn.  I come back.

My head says, wow.  You suck.  Your job situation.  

You worry about your kids.

Your sobriety looks a little shaky.  You are. a. loser.

I continue on.  I am slowing down so much that the LSD is looking attainable.

Not feeling it.

Up over the overpass.  Have to add on a half mile.  Bad math.

I run down Main Street.  I make it to that last half mile and speed up.

Because.  In this training, we don’t walk on hills, and we sprint at the end.

I get home.

My friend texts me and says:  You’re amazing.  A runner, mom,

teacher, being of service, etc. etc.

And I realize of course that the perception of others isn’t mine.

So.  It is with aplomb that I announce this glass Half Full.

It’s either halfway from the beginning, or halfway to San Luis Obispo.

Already 216 miles since December.

It’s the best I have ever felt in any training.

I need not be afraid of the marathon.  The real deal is in the training.

And, by the way.  The glass: it’s always full.


4 thoughts on “The Halfway Mark

  1. Somehow, to me? It gives me comfort to know that the mind battle I have is felt/shared by someone else. I see people pushing it at the gym and wonder if they have that conversation. “I suck, give it up, you did this so your that… ” The point isn’t that you have this conversation – its that you don’t let the words win. Great job!!

  2. YOU are doing amazing – keep that glass half full ❤

    I'll be in SLO Spectating and I hope to get to see you again!!! 🙂

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