I did something today I haven’t done for a few years.  Runners know that you don’t wear race shirts of races you didn’t race.  However, a few years ago, my sister was at the Boston Marathon, and got me a shirt…before I knew this rule.  I wore it everywhere, because I thought it was a cool shirt.  Once I realized I didn’t really EARN this shirt, I tucked it away in a drawer.

A year or so ago, I decided I wanted to BQ at age 60.  To do this, you had to have a 4:30 marathon.  I’m a 6 hour girl, and proud of it.  Proud that I persevered at Golden Gate Park,     Mile 18, the Potomac River & The Monsoon Marathon.  Last year, I saw that BQ would be completely out of my reach.

Until today.

I ran those angsty miles yesterday, and today I had 6 on tap.  With Hanson, you just run.  Not if you will run today, but how long.  I laced up and hit a nearby trail.  I was floating.  Like, I can’t believe how I felt.  Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” on my iPod.  Me, singing that LOUDLY…Just like a prayer, I’ll take you there.”

Perfect 11:30 target.  Exactly what I wanted.

I’m not over-confident.  I’m working my ass off, and it shows.  It’s not false bravado…You can do it.  Way to GO! You got this!…It’s real.

So, I drug out the shirt, and I put it on.  Not afraid for anyone to say, “Hey, you have never run Boston!”  I put it on, because I can see it.  I can see a BQ by 60.  I turned 53 last week…I’m training for my 5th marathon, and I’ve never been stronger.  Let’s see what I can do in San Luis Obispo, in Tucson.  I’m shooting for 5:30.  That’s a 30 minute PR, and I think it’s doable…and I have 7 years in which to work at it.

Let’s just see.  In the meantime, I’m grateful for the way the tide is shifting…

4 thoughts on “BQ BY 60

  1. Go for it!! I am a 5.30 girl, so BQ is way out for me too. But now you gave me something to work towards: 4.30 at age 60. That will give me lots of time to improve my PR. 🙂

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