I bought Crash Davis in December 2009.

3 Marathons later, countless miles tracked.

And finally, the dog has died.

I am sending it back today…just like Crash Davis.

Being shipped to AAA ball.

But, I loved this watch.  It’s big computer like thingy on my arm.

No, I don’t want the cute little circle watch.

Just this one, please.

Garmin is sending me another one.  Refurbed.  $55.

So, I say goodbye to Crash Davis.

And thank this watch for all the life and miles and trips.

It’s gone from California, to Virginia, to Washington DC.

To San Antonio, to Los Angeles.

And now, it’s going home.


1854.81 miles.

2 thoughts on “End of an Era.

  1. I had this one until I “upgraded” last year to the NIKE+ GPS watch. But the Garmin is still my favorite. I still have it, I should take it out for a run. 🙂

  2. I went to Timex Run Trainer Something Something. I got about 1000 miles out of each of my Garmin cute circle watches before they died. Boo!

    I actually like the Timex now that I understand how to tame it. 🙂

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