Today was a planned 16 mile run.  I went to bed feeling like something was going to beat me down, and by 5am that feeling was confirmed.  It’s a sore throat, but achy all over.  It’s not sneezy breezy, but just general can’t drag my body anywhere because there’s lead in my legs.  And, not from running.

Today is Leap Year.  It’s the day that women get to propose, but only if you’re Irish, *so I’m told*…but it’s the cancellation of a run day.  An LSD run day, which is SO important.  If I missed a run in the old days, I would try to shove those miles in somewhere.  I would panic until the miles were “made up” after an illness.

However, much like missing work, you have some stuff to catch up on, but you really have 80 emails that don’t even really apply to you anymore, so you do the best you can with today’s tasks, and keep on doing the next task that comes your way.

So it is with today.  I will rest until I lose this bug.  If not today, then tomorrow.  Because.  I know in Marathon training, if you aren’t listening to your body now, you won’t be listening at Mile 20.

Oh.  And I love my $2 wall calendar.  Those numbers circled?  The miles I ran each day.  Pretty proud.  140.41 for the month.  2 months until the marathon, and I’m right where I should be.

Leap Year couldn’t have come at a better time.

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