I got some weird flu on Tuesday night, ending me achy and tired on Wednesday.

I had a long run Wednesday, so I figured, well, I’ll do it Thursday.

Thursday came and went.  As has Friday.  Each day has brought a spate of symptoms.  First the sore throat, then that left only to be replaced by sneezing.  That left, and then.  Sniffles.  All through the week, the aching and general feeling of malaise set in.

I’m not stupid.  I know that I will not lose the power that I’ve gotten from 12 weeks of Hanson training.  I know that my quads will not go soft.  I do know that if I continue to eat like I’ve been training, however, I will gain weight.  So.  Starve a cold or feed a fever?  I have no idea.  All I know is that I want carbs.  Lots of carbs.

When I’m sick, all I want is someone to take care of me.  Harley Guy is 100 miles away, and My Mom is more than that.  I’m 53.  I should know how to take care of myself.  But I tend to get all needy and whiny.

That.  Plus, I’m not running.  I’m trying not to panic.   Really I’m not.

4 thoughts on “i’m fine i’m fine i’m fine

  1. And yes… your fine 😉 Get better honey, I totally get the baby deal…

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