when i wish i was running a marathon.

when the la marathon comes this weekend

i won’t be running it.

in 2009, i volunteered for the first time at mile 20.

in 2010, i passed out at mile 18 and made it in 7 hours

in 2011, i was hanson trained.  ready.

and it monsooned.  even as glenn ran with me in beverly hills,

and harley guy gave me an orange at mile 20

and shiloh ran with me to the end.

it poured. and i didn’t much care.  i just wanted redemption.

this year, i needed to finish the tnt season

and i’m running san luis obispo in april.

i also thought, well you’re 53.  how many more of these do you have?

so how many spring marathons can you do?

won’t doing LA again be boring?

and the answer is so…no.

this sunday i’ll be volunteering at the modesto marathon

because i can’t run and jack up my schedule.

i’m so close.

but.  i guarantee this.

i will be missing the LA MARATHON.

dodger stadium

the oranges the community the people


that feeling that i am home.

los angeles.  my town.

and i am coming back to her arms


see you then.