Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Cruise & Jodie Foster are all 50

People like to celebrate other people’s 50th birthday

Oh.  And I ran 50 miles this week.

  • 9 on Sunday.  A beautiful, perfect tempo run, 5 seconds faster than my time.
  • 6 on Monday. 
  • 6 on Tuesday.
  • 16 hellish, horrible miles of LSD on Wednesday
  • 7 miles of resistance on Thursday
  • 2×3 milers at strength pace, MP -:10 today.  11:50 & 11:51. 
After two days of foam rolling, old school (grandma’s wooden rolling pin), my legs finally felt alive and workable today.  Tomorrow, I rest…and 5 weeks left until SLO.  **breathing**

4 thoughts on “50.

  1. LOL I’ve done 50 crunches, 50 minutes of plank, and 50 push ups in a week, but 50 miles? YOU ROCK! ❤

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