I volunteered at the Modesto Marathon on Sunday.  I love volunteering.  Except when it gets in the way of my training.  I know.  That’s not politically correct.  However, I had a 9 mile tempo run, and by the time I got home, I was so sore from standing since 5:30am.

I didn’t run that day.  Monday, I ran a compromise of 7 tempo miles at MP.  Today I ran 8 miles at 11:34.  I feel amazing and strong.  At this point of Hanson marathon training, your quads are steel cylinders.  Seriously.  The best feeling in the world.

But, that’s it.  No more.  Nothing until marathon morning.  No more jacking the schedule, no matter what.  I have a few long runs scheduled during a week of testing, which means I will be up at 4am, or running at 10pm.  Neither of those sound good, except when you’re at Mile 18 going… “Shit!  I shouldn’t have dropped that run!!”  So.  There will be no more missed runs.

I am in the middle of week 14.  A week past from the dreaded, ugly 16 miler, with one more of those to go.  I ran 50 miles last week, and felt pretty damned good about myself.  The only target now is San Luis Obispo.

33 days and about 250 more miles to go.

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