Gymnotes is 5 years old.

5 year olds are cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic.

They like best friends, but haven’t completely mastered social skills.

Since the inception of this blog.

1 divorce

falling in love with 1 harley guy

4 marathons

10 half marathons

5 10Ks

13 5Ks

A Science teacher, then PE, then

High School English Teacher

My boys were in 4th and 2nd grade,

learning how to navigate a divorce,

when only 8% of the town is divorced.

I stumbled about blogs that I still read today:

Quadrathon & Viper & Tavia & Glenn.

I joined and unjoined Twitter.

I contacted the Governor on these pages

and became a champion of older runners.

I met women near and far that have become so dear to me.

Shannon, Ali, Yasmine, Sheila, Row

Shiloh, Penny, Maddy, Lauren, Cyndi, Zu

Gymnotes is 5, and I’m running my 5th marathon.

I used to write about everything, then just running,

now everything again.

I am blessed.

Birthday Cake all around!

Welcome Spring.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Gymnotes

  1. Congrats! Happy to hear I still make the reading list. Coincidentally, I hit five years in May. Good grief. Cheers!

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