It’s starting, though I’m trying to keep it at bay.  I may be going a little crazy.

Last night, I swore I had a sore throat.  I bought two huge bottles of Vitamin C today, as if the extra bottle would ensure I am not going to get sick.

Today, I woke up ready to run a little 6 miler.  The Hanson taper is steep and short and swift.  You are running every day, but shorter and shorter, right up until race day.

I put on my shoes, and felt it.  The ledge.  I have many posts about my shoes and how I run, but the best one was right after NIKE, when I photographed the horror of my shoe ledges.  They are 45 degree angled heels.  And, they were what I wore during NIKE.  It was ugly, but I didn’t know it.

So this morning, I suddenly went into problem solving mode.  I have at least 50 miles to run on these 250 mile shoes.  300 miles + a marathon on ledges.  That simply won’t do.   Luckily, I call Fleet Feet, and they have NIKE ZOOM Structure in stock.  They have 15s, which are $105.  I am bummed, because I didn’t plan on this expense.  I drive there, and luckily for me, they have the 14s.  Just one, in my size.  10.5  I paid $69.95 and went on my way.

You know how you never get around to running that 6?  That was me.  My sweet Row came driving up to see me, and we shot the breeze for another hour.  I bought a protein/energy bar, and went on my way to the market, where I dropped coin for groceries for teens who eat a TON of stuff.  I bought the Reese’s Easter Eggs for $.50,  and finally got home.  Both boys were off with friends, so another hour was eaten up with putting away groceries, etc.

I ate one of the eggs for a wee bit of energy, and finally, around 1:30 I took the new Nikes out for their 6 miler.  It felt good.  Different.  Can’t tell you how discouraged it feels to run a little slower, but I’m really concentrating on marathon pace for this race.  This 6 miler took forever it seemed, me…chewing over the events of the day in my head.  It was cloudy, and I had a little wind, but I finally ran over the catwalk and got home.

I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD.  I thought everyone’s head worked like mine.  Couple ADHD with Taper Madness with weather 10 days out of rain in San Luis Obispo, and all of my fears are starting to push up into my consciousness.

Just took some Vitamin C.  Breathing.  Meditating.  Looking for that space in my mind that believes I can do a 5:15 marathon.  It’s there, and I intend to find it the next 12 days.

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