It’s the socks.

All this time, the numbing on my feet that I thought was due to the shoes?  It was the socks.

Today, I had an 8 mile LSD on tap, and threw on my Wright Socks, stuffed down in the bottom of the drawer, there.  I had several other running socks.  Tons of pairs.  I remember I bought the Wright Socks a few years ago, and loved the double layer of blister protection it offered.  However, I run so many days in a row, I pull out pair after pair, and I simply forget about how good they are.

The last several weeks, I’ve had to run through a toe-numbing around mile 3.  Well, today, that just never happened.

I threw on those socks, and headed out for the run.  At mile 5 it started pouring, and went on that way for the next 3 miles.  But I never got the numbing…the kind that makes me run on my toes.

I thank the socks, and listen up Wright Socks:  You’re going to San Luis Obispo.

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