yesterday, i woke with a slightly achy left foot.  on the top.  i had been noticing it a last few days, and it has been increasingly uncomfortable.  i could run with the foot, but i couldn’t walk.  i ran 5 miles, and was fine.  i feel good.  i’m ready for sunday.

then.  today, i woke with a limp so pronounced i could barely walk.  i posted a quick shout out to runners last night who all said, rest rest rest.

okay, so i’m tapering.  rest is fine.  i have the fitness, and i’m fine.  but i have a marathon in 4 days.

i went to the doctor.

who sent me to the radiologist for an x-ray.

who sent a wet read to the doctor…

and before i hear from him tomorrow, i’m reminded of his last words:  if there is no stress fracture on the x-ray, then we need to get an m.r.i.

this would be such a cruel joke.  seriously.  what happened?

so.  i sit hear with a bowl of spaghetti.  a wrapped and iced ankle.  perplexed at this turn of events.

One thought on “i’m eating spaghetti at midnight.

  1. I was just coming over here see how the taper was treating you. What a crazy turn of events! I’ll be thinking about you.

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