Not to be melodramatic or anything.

But, San Luis was hard.

You can look it up.

I did 6:15 or 6:16 or something.

Second to the worst PW.

I wrote a long, wordy post.

Then deleted it.

I have an MRI next week.

There are some marathons

that you never speak of again.

San Luis Obispo is that one for me.

At some point I will be able to be full

of metaphor & meaning.

But, not today.

3 thoughts on “Not to be melodramatic

  1. Well I had a chance to read that “long wordy post” & don’t pretend to understand why you deleted it… Sometimes we learn as much from our “failures” as our successes (& of course you completed the course, so I count that as a ‘win’)
    I limped through my last half in about 3:45 last spring when my R metatarsus was breaking down; my feet obviously won’t hold up to long-distance running. I had high hopes of breaking 3 hrs but I could tell as my foot pain ramped up just a couple of mi in that it wasn’t gonna happen…
    I think you did a great job & remain in awe of that high-intensity Hanson training.

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