Are we here already? Swimsuit season? It’s May.

How can it be that almost half of the 2012 calendar is in my trashcan?

Other musings:

  1. In 8 days, my son graduates from Middle School, and will be starting High School. Wait, I’m not ready. I just don’t know where the time went, as it is only yesterday he was in Pre-school.
  2. The work year will be done in 20 days. Again, have I been completely asleep this whole year, and how is it that I am within 6 months of being eligible for retirement? Wait. I’m not sure that’s right, and I obsessively check my calendar to make sure I’m not going to be 55.
  3. My other son will be in 7th grade. Unreal. He has to first get by Pre-Algebra, but I have an eyeball on it until school is out.
  4. My foot. It’s okay, but I have an MRI scheduled in the morning, just in case. Because I’ll be toeing the line once again in December in Tucson, and certainly need to get this under control.
  5. I am in this house going on 18 years. 18 years ago this summer, I moved into this town, this house. For the last 5 years, I’ve stuck my foot in the side of the foreclosure mountain, and have not left yet. Soon. Soon.
  6. Job interviews. Here we are in Pink Slip California again…but this time, it’s a crapshoot. Each day in five counties, I scour the possible options, and I apply for everything. I have exciting interviews coming up. For the first part of my career, I stayed in jobs many years. In the last 7 years, I’ve been in 5 school districts. I’m sure the right one is just around the corner.
  7. And lastly, love. I have an amazing therapist helping me unwind a 9 year old girl who possibly sabotages every good thing that comes in her way…but more than that…she is helping me change the 50 year old thought patterns of my self worth. Once again, I am falling in love. With me. She teaches me today that the love I give is amazing and beautiful, and it’s time to give it to me as well as another. Painful, thought producing, and joyous all at the same time.

On the running front, my body practically screamed for a run yesterday…a mere 3 miles followed my bubble heaven, but I needed to be out there.

It’s mid-May. How did this happen? Simply. One day at a time.

One thought on “how did this happen already?

  1. I keep waiting for life to slow down, but I guess this is normal speed. Sounds like some good life events on your end. I’m finally getting to a baseball game this year. Then it will be officially summer. Cheers!

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