About a month before the San Luis Obispo Marathon, I was having trouble with my left foot.  I’m sure I blogged about it.  It didn’t hurt when I ran, only when I walked.  I was at the end of a fantastic training cycle using the Hanson plan, and knew I would run a 5:15 marathon.  I was supremely confident.  Except for the foot.

About a week before the marathon, I went to the doctor, because getting out of bed was difficult.  Could barely walk at times.  We did an X-Ray, which showed nothing, and he set me up for an MRI.  Because I loathe this procedure, I put it off.  He said he didn’t think I should run the marathon, and I dismissed him, because I was sure I knew my body, and it was ready.

I ran a full marathon.  In my first race report, full of drama and self examination, I mentioned that everything hurt.  Except my foot.  Then last weekend, I ran a half marathon.  For the first six miles, I was floating, and then I was limping by mile 10, but not because of my foot.  My right knee.

*note:  I am 53, and my last blood work showed that I have a vitamin D deficiency, thus prompting my doctor to make me take a bazillion tabs of vitamin D a day…so.  I am aware.*

Since then, I’ve run a few times.  3 miles, 5 miles.  Then, because I kept having this nagging pain, I thought I better get the MRI.

Yesterday the verdict came in:  Stress Fracture in the Middle Cuneiform.  Which, was like speaking Greek to me.  The language I used privately cannot be repeated here, but I have certainly had a need to wash out my mouth.  I am not happy, to say the least.  However, now there is a reason my foot hurts.  I finally found a diagram that makes sense, the one above, because the middle cuneiform is exactly where my foot aches.

The doctor called today.  On Monday they will determine whether or not we have surgery or a boot or something else.  She said to put no weight on it this weekend.    Meanwhile, my gal pal over at ultrarunnergirl, sent me this website, because before I train again, I will be doing swimming, aqua jogging, and anything else except running.  http://wellimtryingtorun.blogspot.com/

I lost my beautiful Princess, and ran a full marathon and half marathon on a stress fracture.  Sort of like the perfect trifecta of bleakness.  All running is on hold.  Again, thanks to this wonderful community of runners who make me laugh, send me links, private message me support, and remind me that this is just a small blip in the journey.

5 thoughts on “the trifecta.

  1. Oh ugg… As someone who battles through foot problems continually, I feel your frustration and pain. Anytime you need swimming ideas let me know. The pool is a great workout and you can design things so that you do not kick therefore move or inflame the feet. Just drop me a message.

  2. Ugh! I had a metatarsal stress fracture a few years ago. If it’s any consolation, I did recover from it, and I went on to many more PRs. And the recovery time was soooo much faster than my tibial (shin) stress fracture a year later in the other leg. I remember reading that stress fractures in the feet heal faster than some other places, because there’s more blood flow through all those little bones. I know that’s all relative, since any amount of recovery time seems too long, but be assured that you WILL conquer this. You’re too hard-headed and determined NOT to recover!

  3. I know I am coming to this late, but I hope that you are recovering fully from your injury! I am currently dealing with what appears to be (according to MRI) stress fractures of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals…Awaiting 2nd opinion from an ortho doc after seeing my podiatrist… Have been been in and out of the CAM boot for several weeks (out, b/c my pod. thought I could get back into sneakers, which screwed me up further!), and I am trying to find other ways to stay fit w/out using my lower body much! I am doing some aqua-jogging, but b/c of the tenderness on top of my foot, I worry that even a jogging motion underwater might be detrimental… Donna D., I see that you have suffered through a variety of issues–would you shed some light on my aqua-jogging workouts? I wear the boot at all times, other than to bed and in the pool (obviously!), and had a fairly decent jogging workout at the Y today… A little tender, but hoping that’s “normal”! Thanks!

  4. I didn’t do too much aqua jogging. I did, however, swim and do the recumbent bike. A lot. Aqua jogging just bored me to death. GOOD LUCK to you!!!

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