586.48 miles in 2012

holding steady.

as i spin and do upper body and core and recumbent bike at the gym.

the moment you start to feel confident about your training and excited about your race, you will get injured.

so, the days have gotten very interesting.

i have my purple princess cast, and i have 5 weeks to go.  i’ve mastered showering and walking and sleeping.  i’ve lost the few pity pounds i put on with the advent of the cast.  and then some.  i’m training the rest of my body to be ready to run in july.  but.  it’s like my life before this marathon didn’t even exist.  was it a dream? were all those things i did even real?  how did i go through a whole season and not watch one dodgers game?  i never read a book.  there are so many things i need to do.

i can’t even imagine what’s coming next…an interesting turn in the road jumped out of the blue…but meanwhile, it’s 586.48.  and holding.

2 thoughts on “586.48 and holding.

  1. Wow! That’s pretty tremendous Linda. The year’s not half over *and* you’ve had to deal with injury. Keep up the good work!

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