I am a runner.

  • I started running at 48 years old.  I ran my first marathon at age 50.  I’m 53.  Which means, I have to take care of my body on a different level.  Now, I take extra Vitamin D, because I’ve hit that time when women lose bone density.
  • I have a stress fracture, and am in a cast. I have run 5 marathons. One on a broken foot.   And, now I have this broken foot in a cast, and  I already have a bib for Marathon #6 in December.  So instead of sitting around crying in my coffee, I take myself to the gym and sit on the recumbent bike and I lift weights.   And I look at my quads, that are now.  Well, they aren’t like they were 39 days ago.  And neither is anything else.
  • I’m not irritated, and I’m not whining.   Not much.  Last night after dinner with a friend, I woke in the middle of the night afraid that I was gaining weight and my cast was too tight, and I nearly got the scissors and cut it off.
  • But, I see runners on the road, and I think:  I am a runner.  I see her ponytail swinging, and I so want to be OUT THERE.  I walk into the gym, and a random person says:  Why aren’t you running? She says, I see you running everywhere!
  • A weight lifter is asking how I got the cast and I tell him and he says  I could NEVER run a marathon.  And before the conversation is over, I have him considering that he could do the Fresno Eye Q half marathon in November.  
  • I burned 149 calories in a half an hour on the bike.  That’s, like…miserable.  But, it’s something.  I have 33 days until this cast comes off.  Do you think I’m counting?  Because on Day 34, I will lace up and slowly start again from scratch just like my bff did…the girl who nearly sub 2’d this spring.  
  • I read Runner’s World, and Running Quotes and Runner’s blogs.  Even when I can’t run.
  • In my mind, I am a 5:15 marathoner, that time that I knew was mine in San Luis.  But for some  unfortunate accidents and bad decisions, I would have had that time and not instead have been limping over the finish line.
  • I still have that goal.   BQ by 60.
  • But first.  I have to fit my body to do the time and the work when July comes.  I am a runner.  And for now, I train my heart and lungs and core and upper body.  
  • I am a runner.  I’m not fast, but I can run.  I can feel the sweat pouring down my face and back and have the absolute most joy I’ve ever had.  I have 3 pairs of Nikes waiting for me when I’m done here.  And I will get done.  33 days is nothing.  I keep reminding myself.
  • The orthopedic doctor says, “Ya know, not EVERYONE can run…not EVERYONE has the body type to run.”  I nearly limped out of his office, yet he was about to cast my leg.  I thought, yeah, you’re not one of us.  Because, if you were?  You would understand this drive, this passion.
  • Passion.  I have it.  Do you?

7 thoughts on “i am a runner. bullet point edition.

  1. I could have written this myself, except you’ve run way more marathons than I have. 33 days will fly by–relax, enjoy the time off. Do other stuff. You now have the time to read all the running publications and online material. You’ll get through this.

  2. I love this. What I love most? The passion – for moving, for feeling alive. To me that is what defines a runner (or triathlete hey we run too) – someone who wants to touch life.

  3. I didn’t realise that I was broken! Anyway, as the doctor told me yesterday, there is nothing I can do to heal ribs so if I can push through the pain I can race. Not kidding. That’s what he told me. My next scheduled race is June 10th. Stay tuned!

  4. I get pissy at those other runners out there just when I’m driving by. It’s a Brazilian times worse when you physically can’t join them. But that doc, what a dick. What a dumb thing for him to say. Glad you didn’t take him to heart. Cheers!

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