my bff tells me:

i am part yaqui indian… a proud warrior tribe from mexico… and when the shit gets brutal… like too much… i stand taller, face in the sun and let the wind and the earth lend me strength.  my inner goddess is a warrior, dressed in skins and standing fierce.
and so starts this friday of my version of dancing with the devil and keeping my own beat.

now that i’m not running…

  • getting a bag of cherries from one of my dearest friends
  • calls and texts and emails at midnight
  • tableside homemade guacamole
  • allowing myself time in the tunnel, in order to heal
  • pondering spinning at gym…it’s making something wrong inside the cast, so new ideas
  • new excitement.  palm springs next weekend with friends
  • boys coming home today for a week
  • giants baseball, of all things, and parking for free
  • turning the calendar page and leaving may behind.  thankfully
  • farmer’s market today in my town
  • text this morning: keep on course with no deviations & you will get down the road faster
  • gchat
  • french roast coffee.  oatmeal.  newspaper
  • gals from colorado and texas and clovis and fresno and stockton
  • a card in the mail: “everyone needs a friend who says ok, start from the beginning”
  • los angeles dodgers.  love, renewed
  • one month away from cast removal.  one month
  • cast covers that seal my leg off from water.  best money i’ve ever spent
  • knowing that i am healing and knowing that i will run in july
  • knowing that even as i am confused about work and love and home it will be okay

i’ve been on the ground before, just never in all areas all at once, and i know that the hope is i will not only get up, but i will get up with fresh and new eyes, and all will be well…again.

I think I lost my way
Getting good at starting over

6 thoughts on “learning to walk again.

  1. I love any post with some Foo Fighters in it. Only a month to go – I have no doubt you are going to make the most of your time while you’re not running. Besides, you’ve been through worse, right? Piece of cake. Okay, maybe not “cake” but piece of something….

  2. Maybe being on the ground with everything is where you need to be to really start over. Lemonade, baby! love you!

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