Today was the day.  The day that finally tweaked my brain.

The day that I nearly took a saw to my cast.

I just want to run.  I don’t want to go to the gym and do the stupid recumbent bike and lift weights anymore.

I just want to run.

I’m reminded of a few days ago when I had to have extra cast put on.  Yes, I need this to heal.  But today I didn’t really think about that.

I looked at the cast and started fantasizing how EASY it would be to cut it off with some good boning scissors.  Then I tried to remember where my hand saw was.  By the time I had spent limping around the house, getting my company off to her work, I had simply gone a little, well, stir crazy.

The cast.  I gained 2 pounds last week when they applied more fiberglass.  Then there were M&Ms at midnight, and a girlfriend who pizza’d with me last night…and this morning, that unmistakable groan that you heard from NorCal was me…looking at some weight gain that I simply could not ignore.

I’m in charge of donuts for our new AA meeting tonight.  I went to the market and got food for a salad and pasta tonight.   But, those donuts.  I gotta get those, and avoid shoving the fat and sugar into my mouth.  My son is a Freshman added to the Varsity Summer Basketball league and I get to watch him play.  These are the thoughts I put in my empty brain.

Because there is a low grumble, starting to become a mighty scream.

I want my shoes.  I want to run.  And I cannot wait.

Hide your scissors and saws, people.

I have 2 weeks left.

One thought on “it nearly got the saw today.

  1. UGH! Injuries are the worst. Hang in there Linda, it will heal, and you WILL be back … with a vengeance. When I broke my foot, I had to burn off my crazy energy by crutching everywhere and lifting upper body — boy, were my arms and shoulders strong by the time they cut that thing off …

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