summer is halfway here.  the all star game is today.  the dodgers are in first place.  life is good.

i’m still here.  of course i’m still here.  after the twitter and the facebook  and the instagram, the only web-ish thing that is constant is the blog.  it was first, after all.

it’s summer.  i’m in a boot.  8 weeks ago i got the cast, and now the boot.  i go to the doctor on monday to get it off, and hopefully get the green light for running.  then some other un-fun person told me i can’t just start running.  that’s just wrong.

  • i re-joined twitter.  i’m not able to tweet very much.  i used to non-stop tweet.  but now?  i barely remember that i have it.
  • facebook:  i spent so much time in the facebook world of my fresno friends the last year.  now i’m embracing and enjoying the local peeps as well.
  • photo apps:  i think i have 12.  i take the same pictures every day.  chet in the morning, my sunset every night.  and you might wonder…why every day?  the same things?  and it’s the regularity, the constancy.  i like it.  i also just got re-addicted to hipstamatic.
  • books & movies:  i saw magic mike.  i am reading 50 shades of grey.  the book i can’t get into.  i mean, i would have devoured that 30 years ago.  it holds nothing for me now.  the movie was good.  but not in a r-rated kind of good …entertaining, but sweet at the end.  like, yeah.  we all get a chance for a do-over.
  • therapy:  i have the best therapist on the planet.  she laughs with me and she makes me work.  she shows me the light of day when i think i simply cannot look down that path any more.  i’m so lucky and blessed.
  • girlfriends: women who message me every morning.  my constant group of 5 or 6 from all over the country, my college roommate who is road tripping with me today.  thankful for a generous group of women.  i have a beautiful sponsor who reminds me daily that i am to be of maximum service to god and his kids.
  • weight gain: 10.  10 pounds of the 20 i lost in my last round of training.  i swim.  i lift weights.  but apparently, i also eat like i’m still training some days.  i’m unwilling to do anything different, apparently.  i’m hoping i get inspired soon.
  • depression:  if you are a runner, and you can’t run.  and you gain weight.  and you’re out of work and waiting on claims here and there…you know that this could be very tough.  however.  the sun does rise every morning, and even when it’s tough, there is still so much to be grateful for:  2 healthy children, a home, my chet.  all is well, and will continue to be.
  • love:  i have always had difficulty in this area.  turns out, i’m the one with the commitment problem…not them.  it’s way too much and too wordy to put in a blog post.  but it turns out, that i have some fears that i just didn’t know about.  that being said, i’m willing.  to explore and hope.

again: summer is halfway here.  the all star game is today.  the dodgers are in first place.  life is good.  there is nothing to complain about, nothing to worry about.  the past 4 years have taught me that if i simply trudge, stay the course, stay honest…that i will reap great rewards.  i am living that today.

happy summer to all!

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