you know how you were little and your parents said christmas was close

and you thought that meant, like tomorrow?

or how they said we’ll be off this windy road in 20 minutes

and it was another 2 hours?

yeah.  like that.

the doctor said today…after 8 weeks…that there are 6 more weeks.

and then.  i can run.

for now.

i can wear a shoe.

i can do the elliptical, bike, and swim.

in 2 weeks i can take a walk.  a leisurely walk.

i had brought my shoe to the doctor because i wanted to run.  tonight.

i asked him about the marathon in december.

he shook his head no.

i have to take 50,000 mg of vitamin d a week

*note to the old gals…do this one now*

i was near tears.  crushed.

and then i remembered, i have bad circumstances right now

how i feel about those circumstances in not as important…

as what i do about them.

i am not dying.  but it feels bad.

it’s a small caps kind of day and yet.

i remain hopeful.  i am blessed in more ways than i can count.

i can wear a shoe.  there’s one.

5 thoughts on “six.more.weeks.

  1. Baby steps. Literally baby steps. I was hoping you’d get the news you wanted. I was hoping you’d be cleared to run. But, you have to listen to the doctor and do what he says so you’ll be ready to run when you’re cleared. I know it feels like an eternity.

    Sending you love and hugs!

  2. Bummer. But when you DOOOOOOOOOOOO get the boot off-you WILL win that race 🙂

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